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Michael’s passion for helping his clients has led him to develop a deep knowledge of all areas of real estate, including rehab project management. Whether you’re an investor new to the market or simply someone with little time for micromanaging, Michael can expertly oversee each phase from finding and purchasing an investment property to assessing and making it rent-ready. Michael prides himself on working closely with each client to ensure they find the best opportunity given the criteria they’re looking for.



Previous Rehab Projects

1113 E. 169th St, Cleveland, OH 44110

The multi-family house was purchased in March of 2019 for $7,500. Huge updates were done inside and out, including new windows, rebuilt rear porch and balcony and completely new kitchens and bathrooms. The rehab was completed for $52,000 and the duplex now rents for $1,270 a month. Below are some of the major updates completed at the property:

1113 E. 169th St. - After Rehab

1113 E. 169th St. - After Rehab

  • Removed and rebuilt rear porch and balcony

  • Repaired front porch, rebuilt handrails and steps

  • Replaced 16 windows throughout house with vinyl replacement windows

  • Repaired concrete, gutters, fascia, siding and downspouts

  • Replaced doors where needed,  repaired all doors to open and latch properly

  • Completed rewire throughout entire house, installed 2 electric panels and new outlets and switches throughout, including GFCI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms and 2 220 outlets for dryers

  • Installed 2 new furnaces with new ductwork

  • Installed 2 new hot water tanks and new plumbing throughout

  • Installed new valves and gas lines

  • Repaired, patched and painted all walls throughout

  • Replaced all flooring throughout

  • Complete renovation of both bathrooms, including new fixtures, baseboards, flooring and hardware

  • Complete renovation of both kitchens, including new countertops, backsplashes, cabinets, fixtures, hardware and flooring



1795 Pontiac Dr, Euclid, OH 44117

This incredibly spacious cape cod got a thorough update through its recent rehab project. The single family home with over 2,200 sqft was purchased in April 2019 for $53,000 and the rehab was completed for $26,000. The property rents for $1,100/month. Take a look at some of the updates completed for the rehab below:

1795 Pontiac Dr. - After Rehab

  • Removed and replaced driveway, front walk and sidewalk

  • Updated landscaping

  • Installed new windows

  • Updated bathroom, including fixtures, walls and outlets

  • Installed new hot water tank and updated and repaired plumbing and electrical

  • Replaced light fixtures throughout, serviced doors to open and latch properly and updated hardware

  • Completely renovated kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, dishwasher and disposal

  • Removed carpeting and refinished hardwood floors

  • Removed wallpaper, repaired and patched walls, painted and ceilings throughout

  • Refreshed rear den, removed old cabinets to open space



10222 Joan Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111

A great multi-family investment in the West Blvd area of Cleveland, the duplex was purchased in April 2019 for $23,000. In need of plenty of updates to be made rent-ready, the owner put in $33,200 to rehab the property. Each unit now rents for $700/month. Below are some of the major updates completed:

10222 Joan Ave. - After Rehab

  • Installed new furnace and 2 new hot water tanks

  • Repaired and upgraded plumbing and electrical

  • Installed new vinyl windows and replaced coil wrapping

  • Replaced roof, repaired siding and repaired and/or rebuilt front and rear porches

  • Replaced and upgraded flooring throughout home

  • Updated kitchens with new fixtures, counters and flooring

  • Patched, repaired and painted walls and ceilings throughout



11425 Tonsing Dr., Garfield Heights, OH 44125

This incredibly spacious duplex was  purchased in December of 2018 for $82,000. The home is 2,100 sqft, between both units. With a rehab of about $17,500, the total investment in the property was $105,000. Updates throughout both units were completed, including refinishing hardwood floors, installing new flooring and refreshing the bathrooms. The target rent total is $1,690. Below are some of the updates completed:

11425 Tonsing Dr. - After Rehab

  • Refinished hardwood floors in living room and bedrooms in down unit

  • Removed old carpet and installed new flooring throughout in up unit

  • Installed new kitchen flooring in down unit

  • Refreshed bathrooms and replaced necessary fixtures

  • Patched and repaired walls and painted throughout both units

  • Repaired and updated damaged areas of the exterior



379 E. 162nd St., Cleveland, OH 44110

This spacious multiple family home was purchased for $19,500 in August of 2018. Over the following 6 months, the owner put in around $40,000 for one of the largest rehab projects we’ve worked on. The project included major updates such as kitchen renovations and small updates such as installing new interior door knobs. The property currently rents at $1,175/month. Below are some of the larger updates completed:

  • Reconstructed up and down porches, including replacing rotted framing, tongue & groove decking and banisters

  • Updated electrical, separated wiring for up and down units into two panels and replaced outlets

  • Renovated both bathrooms and kitchens

  • Installed glass block windows in basement

  • Repaired drywall, patched and painted all areas of both units

  • Framed in side entry with door, hung drywall and finished area

  • Updated flooring throughout both units

379 162nd St. - After Rehab

379 162nd St. - After Rehab



14401 Westropp Ave., Cleveland, 44110

This two family colonial in Cleveland was purchased for $26,000 in September of 2018. An additional $40,000 was put into a rehab of the property, throughout the interior and exterior. Fully occupied, the home is rented for $1,190 a month. Some of the larger updates completed are listed below:

  • Repaired damaged siding, scraped and painted windows

  • Repaired, scraped and painted front porch

  • Removed wall paper, repaired, patched and painted all walls in both units

  • Scraped and dry-locked walls, painted floor of basement

  • Completed renovation of both kitchens and bathrooms, including new cabinets, floors and fixtures

  • Updated hardwood floors in down unit

  • Removed and replaced carpet in hallways and bedrooms of both units

  • Installed new electrical panel, furnace and hot water tank for each unit

14401 Westropp Ave. - After Rehab



8008 Pelham Dr., Parma, OH 44129

This 3 bedroom 1 bathroom colonial in the heart of Parma was purchased for $56,000 and the owner put in $23,000 to rehab the house. The rehab included major updates such as repainting the exterior as well as minor maintenance such as repairing screen damage. It is currently rented at $1,150/month. Below are some of the updates completed:

  • Scraped and painted the full exterior of house and garage

  • Repaired, patched and painted interior walls, ceilings and trim

  • Installed new laminate flooring throughout house

  • Completed full remodel of kitchen and 2nd floor bathroom

  • Waterproofed and painted basement

  • Finished the basement to add a rec room

8008 Pelham Dr. - After Rehab

8008 Pelham Dr. - After Rehab



6186 Eldridge Blvd., Bedford Heights, OH 44146

This 4 bed 1.5 bath single family home in Bedford Heights was purchased for $80,000. Putting around $9,000 into it, the home was given a much needed fresh update. The home currently rents at $985/month. Below are some of the improvements made:

  • Painted all interior walls, trim and doors

  • Painted exterior doors and garage floor

  • Tore out old carpeting and installed new laminate flooring throughout

  • Replaced bathroom floors

  • Completed general maintenance updates

6186 Eldridge Blvd. - After Rehab



3905 Brooklyn Ave., Cleveland, OH 44109

This multi-family property was purchased in January of 2019 for $55,647. The property has over 2,200 sqft between two units, each with 2 beds 1 bath. A rehab totaling around $30,000 was completed and included major updates, such as kitchen renovations and new flooring throughout, and well as smaller cosmetic updates. Fully occupied, the property currently rents at $1,300 a month. Below are some of the larger updates completed:

3905 Brooklyn Ave. - After Rehab

  • Installed new roof on house and garage

  • Repaired and/or replaced exterior features such as porch/deck banisters, siding, gutters

  • Repaired block foundation

  • Renovated kitchens in both units

  • Renovated 1st floor bathroom

  • Installed new flooring (laminate or carpeting) throughout both units

  • Installed new furnace

  • Repaired, patched and painted walls in both units

  • Waterproofed basement, installed new plumbing and hot water tank