Largest Rehab Project to Date

1113 E 169th St, Cleveland


We’ve completed dozens of rehabs since taking up project management, but few houses go through such a dramatic change at 1113 E 169th St. Completely transformed from top to bottom, it’s one of our largest projects to date. And we’re so proud of what our team has accomplished, we had to share some of the details of the project with you.

The multi-family house at 1113 E 169th St, Cleveland was purchased in March of 2019 for $7,500. The house was essentially gutted and the total rehab was completed for $52,000. The duplex now rents for $1,270 a month. Here’s a closer look at some of the work that was done throughout the property.


Dark, dingy and dated to bright, open and light: the kitchens were in need of serious renovations. The old cabinets and counters were ripped out and replaced with new. New few flooring was installed along with new backsplashes, fixtures, wall repair and updated plumbing and electrical.

Living Rooms

Full of potential, but also full of damage, both units received new flooring and vinyl replacement windows. Exterior doors were replaced or repaired as needed. The house was also completely rewired, including new outlets and switches, and 2 new electrical panels installed.

Dining Rooms

There was repair work completed on every surface, from floor to ceiling. Two new furnaces were also installed, complete with new ductwork throughout. All of the drywalls were patched or replaced as needed, as well as the ceilings, and everything was given a fresh coat of paint.


There are 4 bedrooms, 2 for each unit. Old carpeting was ripped out and new carpeting installed in all bedrooms, walls were patched and painted and electrical updated with new switches and outlets. All interior doors were also repaired or replaced to close and latch properly.


The 2 full bathrooms were in need of a complete renovation. Old, worn fixtures were torn out and replaced, new tiling and flooring installed. Walls were repaired, painted, and wainscotting installed. A new hot water tank for each unit was also installed along with new plumbing throughout the house.


The exterior also needed major work. Siding was repaired and replaced, the rear porches were removed and rebuilt, along with rebuilt front steps and repairs to the front porch. The gutters and downspouts were cleaned and repaired. Exterior doors were repaired or replaced as necessary.