Why Your House Isn't Selling

The decision to sell your home was probably not an easy one. Maybe you loved the house, but had to relocate for work. Or perhaps your needs changed and the house no longer fit your lifestyle. Whatever the reason, you decided it was time. You cleaned and organized and did all the work to get it on the market. But now it’s been sitting for weeks and weeks and your house isn’t selling. A bad dream come true. The problem is real, but in many cases it has a simple solution.


Price Is Too High

The number one reason a house remains on the market for longer than usual is that it is overpriced. Pricing a house is not straightforward. You should be considering what other comparable houses in the neighborhood are currently selling for, the location and condition of the house. But this is just to start with. Many sellers assume that all home improvements can be added into the price of a house. While home improvements can add value to a house, not all improvements are directly related to price. An experienced agent will know what to consider, will understand the neighborhood and buyers and will be able to help you come to a fair market price.


Lacking Curb Appeal

If you walk up a cracked sidewalk to a home with dead grass and empty or overgrown flower beds, your first impression is not going to be favorable. If the outside is so uncared-for, what hope can there be for inside, a buyer may wonder. The curb appeal of a home matters. You want to create an inviting picture from the very beginning. Lawn care and landscaping can be a simple solution and offer amazing returns on investment. So get that grass green and healthy, add some flowers or shrubs and captivate buyers from the start.

No Home Staging

Similar to your curb appeal, home staging is the best way to get a buyer to envision living in your home. If you are no longer living in the house, and the rooms have been emptied, it can be hard for a buyer to image just where exactly the TV would go, or how to place the dining room table in your open floor plan. On the other end of the problem, clutter can be overwhelming to your buyers. If you are still living in your house, it’s wise to declutter as much as possible and put away personal items. Using home staging carefully can not only help your house sell faster, but also for more. We wrote an article with 5 simple home staging tips that can help you get started.


Poor Marketing

Perhaps you’ve addressed all the above issues, but your home is still on the market. One question to ask yourself is, are enough people seeing my house? Like any type of sales, marketing is key. The more people who see your house, the more quickly it can sell. Marketing is one of the most important reasons for hiring an experienced realtor. Your realtor should be listing your home on multiple sites, should marketing on social media and to client lists, buying advertisements and more. Another key aspect of marketing your home is professional photographs. The photos that buyers see are going to be the true first impression. If they are dark, dingy and poorly framed, they won’t attract much attention.

Buyers prefer houses who have been on the market for shorter periods of time. The longer they sit, the more a buyer may wonder what is wrong with the house. So if your home has been listed for 3-4 weeks without any offers, it’s time to think about what may be causing a problem. Have you had experience with a house that sat on the market for too long? Share it with us in the comments below - we’d love to hear your story!