Noteworthy Reads

Sometimes we come across an article too good not to share. So from time to time, we’ll be sharing our favorite reads from around the web in the section, Noteworthy Reads. Here are a couple articles we wanted to share to help get your ready for the cold winter weather.

The Top 5 Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

We’re getting to the time of year where we are first turning on our furnaces and hoping that no new problems have crept in over the summer months. But if your furnace is making noise, what does it mean? This post from HomeServe gives a great rundown on what kinds of noises your furnace might be making and what it indicates.

9 Tips for Achieving Maximum Coziness

Winter is a time when many of us choose to stay home as much as possible as we try to hide from the icy weather. Staying home can be a good thing when your house is cozy and comfortable. Here is an article from Zillow with tips on how to add that extra coziness to your winter hibernation.